Moulded products production

Processo produttivo

Thanks to the renewed stock of injection and compression presses, and to a mixing system, likewise renewed, INTERMARP has at its disposal advanced process technologies and modern production systems that guarantee control in every phase of production and therefore the uniform quality of the end product.

The MOULDING division comprises 28 presses, 21 of which with vertical injection. The bimixing presses make it possible to produce completely automatically gaskets with an internal diameter of from 75 to 400 mm, while the horizontal presses are equipped with duel brushes for automatic discharge. Most of the injection presses are equipped with plates with cold grooves with a variable number of nozzles.

The use of plates with cold grooves makes it possible to significantly reduce the moulding scraps, to balance with greater precision the quantity of compound in the mould impressions, to cut vulcanisation time and, finally, to allow a better processability of the compounds for use with drinking water of the latest generation, notoriously more difficult to inject.

The compression presses have plane dimensions of up to 2500x2500, even with steam heating, used for the moulding of gaskets with an internal diameter of up to 2000 mm and a weight of 40 kg
To make ready the preformed parts for the next phase of moulding, a special extrusion line is utilised, composed of a 120 mm extruder. The precise definition of the geometry of the preformed parts and the use of the vacuum make it possible to obtain manufactured articles with a low percentage of scrap and discards.

Avant-guarde technology in every production phase

Updated machinery and modern technologies for control and production in order to always assure high efficiency and quality standards