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Specialised in the production of gaskets for drinking and non-potable water mains, over the years Intermarp has developed and included in its range technical articles with various applications in both the industrial and civil sectors.

Double-hardness lip seals, toric seals and gaskets with or without metal insert, are moulded with EPDM-NBR-NR-SBR-CIR base compounds, devised and produced in-house, which can reach an internal diameter of 2 m and a weight of 40 kg

They meet EN 681-1 standards and/or the standards of reference required by the type of application or by the customer's specifications and are used on cast iron, plastic reinforced by fibre glass, plastic, grès and cement pipes. In the case of contact with drinking water the compounds used are provided with UBA-W270-ACS-WRAS-BELGAQUA certifications.

Having recently acquired a company with a long-standing expertise in mould-making, Intermarp designs and makes moulds in-house. In addition to this, it has long been co-operating with other companies.

  • Membranes for expansion tanks

    The primary function of the membrane inside the expansion tank is to guarantee a physical/elastic barrier between water and gas (air or nitrogen) to prevent the solubilisation of the same gas in the liquid and/or its evaporation.

    The membranes must therefore have low gas permeability.
    The compounds mainly used therefore have a SBR/ BUTYL/CHLOROBUTYL base
    Standard of reference: DIN 4807 - UNI EN 13831:2007
    Certification: TÜV

    Membranes for expansion tanks
  • Lip seals

    The primary function of the lip seals is to guarantee that the connection between the ends of appropriately conformed pipes is watertight even with tens of megapascals of pressure.

    The geometry of the gasket and elastomers used must guarantee the seal over time even in conditions of misalignment of the mains.
    Diameter range: up to mm 2000 inner diameter
    Elastomers: EPDM-NBR
    Standard of reference: EN 681.1

    Lip seals Esempio di guarnizione di tenuta a labbro
  • Double-hardness seals

    The primary function of double-strength seals is to guarantee, with the hardest part, the fastness of the seal itself to the pipe and, with the less hard part, watertightness.

    The two compounds are indissolubly combined in the vulcanisation phase thanks to bi-injection presses, and therefore without the use of bonding agents. The double strength makes it possible to produce lighter, less expensive gaskets compared to the metal insert solution.

    The elastomers mainly used are EPDM, NBR
    Diameter range: up to 400 mm inner diameter
    Standards of reference: EN-681.1

    Double-hardness seals
  • Flat gaskets with metal insert

    The primary function of the flat gasket with metal insert is the frontal seal between flat flanges at the ends of mains.

    The function of the metal insert is to prevent the gasket from being extruded radially toward the same flanges due to the effect of high operating pressures.

    The elastomers mainly used are EPDM and NBR
    Standards of reference: EN - 681.1

    Flat gaskets with metal insert Example of gasket with metal insert
  • O-rings

    An O-ring is an elastomer ring with a circular section used as a mechanical gasket or seal. They are designed to be inserted in special housings and to be compressed during the assembly of two or more parts, thus creating a gasket.

    The O-rings produced by Intermarp are for static seals on pipes for both drinking and waste water of up to 2 metres in diameter obtained by moulding, while those over 2 metres in diameter are obtained by extrusion with subsequent connection by vulcanisation.

    The elastomers used are EPDM
    Standards of reference: EN 681.1

  • Gangway connections and other railway-related items

    The gangway connection for the railway sector is a tubular rubber gangway that allows walking between coaches while protecting people from outside weather conditions.

    Employed elastomers are EPDM
    Reference regulations: UNI 8386 – UNI CEI 11170-3:2005

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